MeeGO1.0のNetbook版をASUS EeePC 1001HAのハードディスクにインストールして試してみました。GUIがシンプルでわかりやすく、デザインもとても良いです。

使い方は に書いてあります。次回の記事で、OSやアプリケーションについて触れてみようと思っています。によると、もうすぐMeeGo1.1がリリースされるようなので、どのようなバージョンアップが行われているのか楽しみです。
 * 以下のリポジトリに開発中のバージョンがあるようなのですが、まだ私は試していません。

 * ブラウザの「リロード」ボタンを押せば再生できます。

Welcome to MeeGo.
MeeGo is a new user experience that puts you in charge of your device.
It's packed with all the great features you need to lead your life, whether you are out in about or in a comfort of your own home.
With MeeGo, you can personalize your device, by adding your social networks, email accounts, and setting up instant access to your favorite applications.
With MeeGo, you are in control of the toolbar, and choosing which panels you want quick access to.
It's simple.
MeeGo is designed to always be online, keeping you connected, while instant and personalized access to your social networks makes communicating with the world, swift and easy.
So you'll never miss out on the latest news or gossip from your friends and family.
Take your snaps and turn them into a slick slide show.
MeeGo's media player helps you get the most out of movies and music.
Whatever you choose to do, you'll probably be juggling a number of different tasks.
MeeGo's uniqe zone switcher, helps you work accross muliple applications at the same time.
These are just some of the many great features awaiting your command.
MeeGo, where you run on a show.

( Thanks, Mr. Matsuzaki and Mrs. Yasui to help me scripting. )